Elocal the anti-maori magazine

Elocal magazine that has a circulation of about 60,000 has decided to wage a war against Maori New Zealanders by insulting our national history. This publication has been advertising an alternate history that Celtics were the first inhabitants of New Zealand despite the fact Celtics were lacking in maritime technology’s to cross the Altantic to make a global expedition of 24,000 km around world to the pacific ocean.

We can convince Elocal magazine to avoid these discriminatory types of articles by contacting the small business that advertise with this radical magazine.

  • Pukekohe Honda
  • Forhomes Furniture
  • Fabric land Papakura
  • Franklin Laminates
  • Images medispa
  • Halliwells of Pukekohe
  • Barfoot and Thompson Pukekohe
  • Tarocash Pukekohe
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First Maori MP was a rigged election

In 1868 Sir George Grey installed Metekingi Paetahi into parliament using the Mete Kingi Paetahi Election Act, 1868. It was to implant an obedient Maori Kupapa colonial soldier into parliament. Bizarre he was the only candidate from the thousands of Maori living in the western Maori electorate. Today the Treaty hate movement have the audacity to complain the Maori seats are undemocratic.


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Tom Johnson 1law4all quotes the ANC

1law4all the most racist anti-Maori organisation in the world has attempted to quote Nelson Mandela by implying reverse racism is racism by using a quote by Jacob Zuma. 1law4all is no different to Mandela ‘s white oppressors. They really just don’t understand racism and how Nelson Mandela would be disgusted by this hategroup. 1law4all is pretending Treaty settlements is equivalent to apartheid.


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Alan Titford 1law4all

1law4all Mayoral candidate for northland Alan Titiford had been abusing his wife and family for 22 years. This radical Anti-Treaty activists attempted to derail Treaty settlements by burning down his own house and blaming the local Iwi. he was good friends with John Ansell and Martin Doutre. We have concrete evidence that the Anti-Treaty activists are vicious Nazis hate group of the South Pacific.


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The potential of a Mana Maori merger

The potential of the Mana Maori merger is huge –this could catapult the working class and Maori with real tangible political power and provide New Zealand with its first Maori Prime Minister. – this should be the tactic

Both party’s get 1.1% of the Party vote combined these equal 2.2%. The Party list will need to be increased dramatically and a large campaign of standing approx. 40 candidates across New Zealand in the general seats in a campaign for the party vote on a budget of $500 for each candidate registration fees & billboards etc.

Billboards –a minimum of 20 per candidate and deploy them on the first day bylaws permit, secure the best fences having already asked for permission from property holders in the weeks leading up to the campaign smother every electorate in billboards across New Zealand.

Social networking -would be mission critical any political campaign in the 21st century not using social networking is dead. –Facebook and twitter need to be updated with new photos on a daily basis a good photo –use your smart phone.

Tamaki makaurau seat is the critical seat and needs a high profile candidate to secure the seat from labour possibly JT and Willie (The Roast busters incident has damaged their reputation’s within Maoridom but they would defeat Shane Jones who had an incident with pornography).

Socialist Aotearoa is the most important component of Mana Movement that needs to be preserved at all costs. Mana-Maori party needs to prove it is for all New Zealanders as John Minto indicated in the Minto for Mayor campaign. Mana Pakeha would be the backbone of the new organisation with candidates like Sue Bradford, John Minto and Martyn Bradbury people who contribute so much.

Avoid aligning with any party that attacks workers’ rights and beneficiaries ,sells state owned assets and supports Neo Liberalism.e.g National

Mana Pasifika needs to be developed with talented candidates like James Papalii or Makelesi Ngata because all Polynesian people are suffering the same plight in New Zealand of poverty and lack of employment.

If the Mana-Maori party vote reaches 2.7% Party vote including 4 MP’s in Parliament this permits an extra 3 list MP’s for a total of 7 MP’s, with elected MP’s you don’t need to meet the 5% threshold. This could be boosted to eight with wins in Ikaroa-Rawhiti against Meka Whaitiri and Otara/Papatoetoe with a high profile Pacific Island candidate from Mana Pasifika.

Before merging robust debate needs to be engaged with the membership of both organisations in town-hall debates. such a venture would require Hui (Meetings) held across the country this should also be made into a media spectacle promoting the new political movement. If a merger failed the Maori Party support will eventually diminish until it was no longer represented in parliament because its not seen fighting for the rights of the working class by propping up a National government that attacks those very rights The performance of the Maori party has proven it needs to be component of a larger socialist organisation. An important tactic of toppling the National government in 2014 elections is taking away the Maori Party’s support.

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The Conservatives Treaty policy

I asked Colin Craig of the Conservative party this was his response who has obviously NOT read the Treaty of Waitangi New Zealand’s founding national document and just likes to invent what the Treaty of Waitangi says.


Unfortunately you’re not here to stay Colin everything is temporary like your political party but the Treaty of Waitangi will still be around in 1000 years. You reject the Treaty because you haven’t read it and the Treaty does not offer race based agendas. This sir is what the treaty agreed –it makes no mention of equal responsibilities for all New Zealanders it makes no mention of these mystical people called “New Zealander” on 6th Feb 1840. You have just invented vast tracts of our founding national document.

“to the Chiefs and Tribes of New Zealand and to the respective families and individuals thereof the full exclusive and undisturbed possession of their Lands and Estates Forests Fisheries and other properties”

This doesn’t offer any racial privileges or division – the Chiefs, Tribes of New Zealand and the respective families are not a race there is absolutely no race based division. Colin you want to have a binding referendum to abolish our founding national document and delay redress for 20 years. Why not just get it out of the way and move on and stop holding a grudge against your fellow countryman, this binding Treaty a contract designed by the crown when this nation was founded that has not been honoured.

Your unpatriotic anti-Treaty anti-kiwi agenda is what is causing the division in this country your the problem Colin.

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Queens Royal Charter of New Zealand


John Ansell is back and on the warpath again trying to convince the Public of New Zealand –Maori are the problem with New Zealand society similar to how Adolf Hitler attempted to convince the German public the Jewish people were causing harm to Germany. The Treaty hate movement lastest tactic is to replace the Treaty of Waitangi with some other minor document .

This is there attempts to date

1) The Littlewood paper –Scrap book notes of the Treaty found in a cupboard that have been proven to be back translation of the original treaty. The treaty hate movement attempted to impose this paper on New Zealanders in an attempt to undermine Treaty settlements and dishonour the original founding document.

2) New Zealand colonisation day – The Treaty hate movement attempted to replace Waitangi day with Captain Cooks RN arrival on 6 October 1769 the 3rd Europeans to arrive in New Zealand.

3) The Constitutional charter of New South Wales (Australia) that they refer to as the Queens Royal Charter signed 9 months after the Treaty on 16 November 1840. Having no signatures or ceremony has been adopted by the Treaty hate movement as there founding national document.

They should feel free the celebrate the Constitutional charter of New Zealand (Queens Royal Charter) in their own little groups but they should never attempt to impose this non event on us real Kiwi New Zealanders.

They really should just give up on tampering with the Treaty of Waitangi as our founding national document it will still be our founding national document in 1000 years from now.

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The Magna Carta our founding national document ?


The Rotorua post 20/09/13 comments against Treaty rights of the 4g Spectrum here

“This would go against the Magna Carta, signed by King John (of Britain) in about 1250 AD, which stated that everyone should be able to enjoy their land (and spectrum) without it being confiscated by the state. Does Mr Biasiny-Tule accept that people that he doesn’t think of as Maori have the right to these Magna Carts rights, or not?
Or does he reserve the right to define people’s NZ citizenship himself, based on how he feels about their ancestors?”

Why is there a constant insistence that the founding national document of Britain the Magna Carta is New Zealand’s  founding document. This total arrogance while ignoring this countries founding document the Treaty of Waitangi.The magna carta is not New Zealands founding national document never has been and never will be it belongs to Britain a country on the other side of the world. Descendants of American immigrants don’t insist that the US declaration of independence is part of New Zealand so why should we accept the Magna Carta from British immigrants descendants.

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Nerida highlighting cannibalism

Nerida Howie is convinced she is racially superior to Maori New Zealanders but reviewing her own British history neglected to realise that when Roman legions were colonising the British Isles they faced much worse savagery from primitive British natives that were far more ruthless than the people of the south pacific. The druids were ruthless cannibals that sacrificed their own people no different to the Mayans in there brutal savagery. I suggest Nerida review her own peoples history before looking at Maori New Zealanders. Secondly Pakeha wasn’t common food because Maori stopped eating crap and that would mean Pakeha were still being consumed until the 1980’s


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New Zealand Independence day


The entrenched treaty hate movement are attempting to change New Zealand/Aotearoa history by stealth. They want to suppress the Treaty of Waitangi by attempting to replace it with some obscure document called the Queens Royal Charter that was created 9 months after the Treaty. They can’t seem to abolish the Treaty so they have decided to go around the Treaty in a hope vast tracts of the New Zealand population will ignore the Treaty and adopt the Royal Charter. They want to declare the New Zealand Independence day using the Queens Royal Charter this is illogical because a royal charter makes the colonial government dependant on the crown it doesn’t offer independence. This is in an attempt to rewrite the history of New Zealand so Maori are a minor footnote despite only 170 years ago they were 99% of the population in an attempt to highlight British colonial history as being the only history of this country – History is written by the winners not the liars.

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