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Elocal the anti-maori magazine

Elocal magazine that has a circulation of about 60,000 has decided to wage a war against Maori New Zealanders by insulting our national history. This publication has been advertising an alternate history that Celtics were the first inhabitants of New Zealand despite the fact Celtics were lacking in maritime technology’s to cross the Altantic to … Continue reading »

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First Maori MP was a rigged election

In 1868 Sir George Grey installed Metekingi Paetahi into parliament using the Mete Kingi Paetahi Election Act, 1868. It was to implant an obedient Maori Kupapa colonial soldier into parliament. Bizarre he was the only candidate from the thousands of Maori living in the western Maori electorate. Today the Treaty hate movement have the audacity … Continue reading »

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Tom Johnson 1law4all quotes the ANC

1law4all the most racist anti-Maori organisation in the world has attempted to quote Nelson Mandela by implying reverse racism is racism by using a quote by Jacob Zuma. 1law4all is no different to Mandela ‘s white oppressors. They really just don’t understand racism and how Nelson Mandela would be disgusted by this hategroup. 1law4all is … Continue reading »

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Alan Titford 1law4all

1law4all Mayoral candidate for northland Alan Titiford had been abusing his wife and family for 22 years. This radical Anti-Treaty activists attempted to derail Treaty settlements by burning down his own house and blaming the local Iwi. he was good friends with John Ansell and Martin Doutre. We have concrete evidence that the Anti-Treaty activists … Continue reading »

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The potential of a Mana Maori merger

The potential of the Mana Maori merger is huge –this could catapult the working class and Maori with real tangible political power and provide New Zealand with its first Maori Prime Minister. – this should be the tactic Both party’s get 1.1% of the Party vote combined these equal 2.2%. The Party list will need … Continue reading »

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The Conservatives Treaty policy

I asked Colin Craig of the Conservative party this was his response who has obviously NOT read the Treaty of Waitangi New Zealand’s founding national document and just likes to invent what the Treaty of Waitangi says. Unfortunately you’re not here to stay Colin everything is temporary like your political party but the Treaty of … Continue reading »

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Queens Royal Charter of New Zealand

John Ansell is back and on the warpath again trying to convince the Public of New Zealand –Maori are the problem with New Zealand society similar to how Adolf Hitler attempted to convince the German public the Jewish people were causing harm to Germany. The Treaty hate movement lastest tactic is to replace the Treaty … Continue reading »

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The Magna Carta our founding national document ?

The Rotorua post 20/09/13 comments against Treaty rights of the 4g Spectrum here “This would go against the Magna Carta, signed by King John (of Britain) in about 1250 AD, which stated that everyone should be able to enjoy their land (and spectrum) without it being confiscated by the state. Does Mr Biasiny-Tule accept that … Continue reading »

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Nerida highlighting cannibalism

Nerida Howie is convinced she is racially superior to Maori New Zealanders but reviewing her own British history neglected to realise that when Roman legions were colonising the British Isles they faced much worse savagery from primitive British natives that were far more ruthless than the people of the south pacific. The druids were ruthless … Continue reading »

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New Zealand Independence day

The entrenched treaty hate movement are attempting to change New Zealand/Aotearoa history by stealth. They want to suppress the Treaty of Waitangi by attempting to replace it with some obscure document called the Queens Royal Charter that was created 9 months after the Treaty. They can’t seem to abolish the Treaty so they have decided … Continue reading »

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