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No Maori Science

I was reading Jenny Bol Jun Lee book Jade Taniwha and on page 15 is a remarkable comment -she refused to go to class because her school curriculum didn’t have Taha Maori the headmasters response was “it was not possible to include Maori into areas such as Science, because no Maori science existed” I thought about this very narrowminded … Continue reading »

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Colonising Myths -Maori Realities

Colonising Myths -Maori Realities:He Rukuruku  Whakaaro by Ani Mikaere is a book very much aligned to the themes of this website Ani has written an excellent book that explains New Zealand from a Maoricentric perspective. I managed to find this little gem in her Book that is the definition of racism in New Zealand. Well … Continue reading »

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