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David Round: Treaty ‘rights’ a trap in constitution plan

Posted by on January 22, 2013


David Round is from the “NZ Centre Anti-Maori political research” Muriel Newman’s hate group their agenda is to convince New Zealanders anything awarded to Iwi is an attack on their civil rights by adopting the mantle of victimhood. David published his racist opinion in the New Zealand Herald that was loaded with derogatory remarks. First he tried to convince the public that the Maori council  had been interfering with the Northland area health board and had a Maori patient over ride other patients for special privilege. A provider of Dialysis equipment to Northland area health board explained  this had “No Truth whatsoever”. He used  scaremongering to claim their was racial discrimination in health care which of course doesn’t exist or never will. His next scaremongering was the Waitangi tribunal that Maori can claim anything they want. E.g personal possessions like Cars,TV’s,Ipads – Round also mentioned in Captain Hobson’s words, “Now we are one people” when David learns Te Reo Maori and can perform the Haka and lobby’s the NZ Government to return Iwi Land we can review the One people comment. If we compare Margaret Mutu’s comments that she made in private and didn’t publish them –she criticised foreigners who were white supremacists that wanted to emigrate here. David Round is criticising his fellow countryman by making a stereotype they are all on child support.  This article in the NZ herald will not receive the 90 complaints to the race relations conciliator like Margaret Mutu’s comments probably because the NZ Herald is biased. Are his opinions those of Canterbury University do they appreciate having Maori students in a vast educational market or should they look elsewhere like Auckland University where Professor Margaret Mutu is employed.

NZ Herald racist opinion click here

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